My cat keeps scratching his right ear, but I don’t see anything in there – no dirt, nothing. How do I help him?

I don’t clean the insides of his ears, perhaps this is the problem? He just saw the vet a couple months ago…



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    There are several reason he may be scratching his ear area a lot. Some include: food allergies, dry skin, or airborne particles. Tea tree oil has been known to help with itchy skin in animals. It is a very clean solution and a quick application. I’ll post a link below that goes into further detail and offers a few more suggestions.

    I hope he feels better soon!

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    My first thought was ear mites, which has been my experience with my cat, but you would be able to see those (they look like dirt). So it sounds like he has an ear infection. It might not be that bad, if you don’t see discharge, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or that it won’t get worse. You should take him to the vet. (It isn’t that you don’t clean them – cats don’t really need you to clean their ears unless they have mites or some other health problem).

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    As prenda11 said, this can be from your pets diet. Certain foods can cause allergies in pets or reactions, one being that they become itchy. You can try changing the food you feed your cat. There are also anti itch products like shampoos that can help decrease the itching. 

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    Does the cat’s food contain corn or other grains?  These are often highly allergenic for cats, so you may, after going to the vet, want to look into other foods like Wellness.  If you cannot afford Wellness, at the very least, get a cat food that doesn’t have corn in it like Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul.

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