My apple trees haven’t produced fruit in a couple of years but they are still alive, is there anything I can do to try and jumpstart them again?



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    I found a gardening advice site (below) where someone asked a similar question, although it sounds like they were at least getting a few apples. A couple of different things could be going on, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try several different tactics to try and get fruit to grow again. First, you could look into getting some mason bees in your yard to help promote pollen spreading. They are relatively easy to care for—the bottom link can give you more information on promoting them in your yard. You also may not have enough pollen floating around to pollinate your trees—if possible, try planting another apple tree about 100 feet from the originals to make sure that there is a pollen supply, since most fruit trees, apples included, need another tree present for pollen. Make sure your tree has enough light and space—clear away any brush or other plants growing within 6 feet of the trees, and prune your trees in the summer and winter. Good luck!

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    Perhaps you already do, but if you don’t (or haven’t for a few years), then prune them hard. Pruning stimulates new growth. It may take a few seasons, but new growth will lead to new fruit. Proper pruning is imperative. See this extension service site for a good explanation:

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    jacques is correct – pruning is probably your best bet for encouraging more fruit in coming seasons.

    However, it must also be taken into consideration that plants live in cycles. Some years they produce a great deal of fruit (called “mast years”), and some years they do not.

    Pruning is one way to get around these cycles; grafting a different apple tree (of the same or a different species) onto the existing tree is another way. Still, both of these methods will take some seasons before you can harvest the fruits of your labor.

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