My 30′ Tamarack is losing its needles, why?

I have an aprox. 30′ mayba more Tamarack tree 35′ from my house on west side, three feet from a dirt road. There is a Jack pine tree 20 feet south and a spruce 20 feet south west. the rest is open field down to a river (north) 100 ft. It sudenly started to drop its needles green! whats left on the tree is orange/rusty coloured? there are still some branches here and there that have green near the tips and the top of the tree 15 feet is fine? what do I do? whats wrong with it? can anyone help. By the way its 10 ft from septic bed area. Thanks to anyone who can help me! Marty



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    Its common for Tamaracks to lose their needles, but it sounds like you probably already know this.  The link below are common causes of everygreens dropping their needles prematurely.  If you don’t find any of these helpful I have a theory.  Your tree is very close to a septic bed, right?  Have you had any trouble with septic leaks?  If so, the amount of nutrients that can be found in feces might be speeding up the natural cycle of the tree.  The tree may be growing at a rate where it is already winter time for it.  I hope this helps!

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