Is MTV an eco-friendly station?



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    I believe they are! They have a website that is part of their main website called “” which basically allows people to post videos, and share their thoughts about a variety of issues including activism, community, politics, education, sexual health, and others. Their explanation of Think is “Think is your community where you, your friends, and your favorite celebrities can get informed, get heard and take action on the issues that matter to you most.” I think what they’re doing is great because they’re definitely spreading information about environmental and other related issues.

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    The television that MTV shows is not really eco-friendly. MTV use to have a show called Trippin’ which was an environmental documentary television series that aired from March 28- May 30, 2005. Since then, MTV has not really created shows geared towards the environment. Think MTV is definitely eco-friendly, as mentioned above. It covers various issues/ topics and allows people to chat about them.

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