Is the mountain pine beetle indigineous to Canada? If not, where did it originate from



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    The Mountain pine beetle (a.k.a Black Hills beetle or Rocky Mountain pine beetle) is native to western North America. So yes, it’s native to Canada as well as parts of the western U.S. It’s a very destructive insect, and during times of spikes in population (like locust swarms) can cause a great amount of damage to forests. It does have a role, or niche, in its environment however, so should not be thought of as something to eradicate. It’s important to keep the forest’s entire ecosystem healthy by preventing the spread of non-native species, protecting forests from development/logging/other destructive activities, and allowing fires to routinely thin the underbrush, which among many benefits, will help keep destructive insects like the Mountain pine beetle from becoming overabundant. 

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