Mothers who are inconsistent or insensitive in reponding to their infants are more likely to have infants who exhibit………….attachments.

a) especially strong
b) secure
c) anxious-ambivalent attachment
d) separation



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    c) anxious-ambivalent attachment.


    The nature of humanity is to love and be loved.  When this is compromised, defense mechanims are developed to create one’s own sense of security.  Repeated insensitivity from a mother, when experienced at such a young age, will foster reactions fragmented between the conditioned insecurity and the natural tendency towards a desire for human unity.

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    Dr. Sears, a prominent pediatrician firmly hold the belief that the stronger the attachment a mother or father has with their infants, the more confident and outgoing they are as they age. Simply put, the safer someone feels, the more they tend to risk, after all someone will always be close by to run to.

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