IS water the most reflective natural surface?



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    The most reflective natural surface is not water. I was surprised when I was researching this answer. According to the website water is not even on the top five list of the most reflective surfaces. Sheet rock is the most reflective natural surface with an 80% reflectivity Percentage.

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    Sheet rock is not a natural substance, although it is not too different from the original gypsum from which it is made. Reflectivity depends critically on the nature of the radiation being reflected. Heat, light, radio waves, whatever. It also depends very much on the nature of the material it is impinging on — is the water smooth, with waves, currents, is the sheet rock colored, white, polished? It also depends on the angle of incidence of the incoming radiation. Reflectivity also depends on how much a material may transmit or absorb radiation – a diamond may be highly reflective, but it also transmits a lot of radiation.

    The original question is far too vague. But if they mean light, then there are many natural substances that are more reflective than water; see the chart in the second link. Ice, snow, clouds, sand, even croplands can reflect more sunlight than water.

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