the most recently evolved structure in animals is?



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    Living things are constantly evolving – even though we may not see the results right away.  It would not be possible to say what the most recently evolved structure was in animals in general, as we simply don’t know everything about all animals.  Maybe you have a more specific question in mind that you can ask.

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    I agree with valkyrie, but if you are interested in past evolutionary structures you can look up various phylogenies.  A phylogeny is kind of like a “family tree” only instead of your family it depicts which animals are more closely related.  Most phylogenetic trees show extant (still living) groups of animals, but you can find ones with extinct ones as well, and trees with estimated dates of ancestors.  There are literally thousands to choose from, here is an extremely basic one, to get you started, if you’re interested:

    my image button doesn’t seem to be working, but see the link below:

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