Is the most recent tsunami the worst in Japanese history?



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    If we are measuring “worst” by lives lost, the most lethal tsunami in Japan’s history hit in 1703 in Central Japan following an earthquake off the east coast. The earthquake was said to bring seismic activity of a 6 on the richter scale and resulted in powerful tsunamis which are reported to have killed 100,000 people in Awa and another 6,500 on Boso Peninsula. 

    In terms of economic damages the recent tsunami was the most destructive. The earthquake in Kobe which resulted in no tsunami claimed 6,000 lives and was said to had cost the country $100 billion. Even though the recent tsunami did not effect a commercial hub like Kobe, devastated the infrastructure of the Sendai area. An extraordinary amount of resources were pulled for relief. Further, tourism has severely declined because of fear of radiation from the damaged reactor. 

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