For the most part will I be fine if I don’t wash my fruits and vegetables?



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    It’s a good idea to wash all fruits and vegetables before consumption.  Many of them are grown using pesticides and there may be residual chemicals or dirt on the skin.  Back in 2006 there was an outbreak of e.coli due to consumers eating unwashed spinach.

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    It is always good practice to wash your fruts and vegetables.  Although you might be fine if you have not washed them, it is always better to be on the safe side.  Fruits and veggies are grown in farms and often time you don’t know what kind of farm conditions they are grown under.  Also they travel a long way to get to your grocery store and may have come in contact with things that are better off washed away.

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    Personally, I don’t normally wash my fruits or veggies.  If they look pretty clean and aren’t waxy or coated in dirt, I usually just go for it.  However, I would recommend washing just in case a fruit or vegetable gets recalled for Ecoli or something of the like. Especially if you have small kids at home, I would wash just out of precaution.  Eating unwashed produce once or twice on the go probably won’t kill you, but over time, you’re chances aren’t as good. 

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    It’s your own risk.  Washing just ensures that anything that might be on the surface is gotten rid of.  It’s a good practice to get into, despite the fact that the odds can be low that anything bad will happen.

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