Is most manufacturing done by people or robots?



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    While no one robot can replace a human being, robotics and automation have drastically changed, not just manufacturing, but every aspect of life. Consider you personal home computer. Instead of having to go to the library and physically look up maps or articles you can sit at home and a few computers do the work for you.

    Also consider a farmer. A field that used to take him and 20 other workers with horses and plows to farm he can now manage himself with his new John Deere tractor.

    Today most manufacturing companies are developing lean plans, such as Six Sigma plans, to cut deficiencies and increase throughput. These processes help a company automate the process eliminating human error and improve the quantity and quality of the products they produce. While lean production can cut jobs for some Americans it also means that each working individual is capable of producing more in that particular business as is therefore more valuable to the company and society.

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