Is water the most destructive natural force on earth?



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    While some of the most destructive natural disasters all have water in common- hurricanes, tsunami, and floods, the most destructive natural force is a super volcano. They are powerful enough to set off tsunami, shape the land, change the atmosphere, and cause extinctions.
    However, these explosive events happen very rarely: the most recent one happened ~12,900 years ago.

    So in terms of the most common destructive natural force we see today, water wins. It has enough power to level cities and wear down rocks to cause valleys. Water-related disasters kill hundreds of people each year.


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    A couple of different sites I looked at named earthquakes as the most destructive natural force on Earth. As one site points out, “unlike often equally damaging severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes can hit at anytime.” Earthquakes are also triggers to other natural disasters, including tsunamis (which in turn can lead to flooding), and fires. They can also lead to landslides and volcanic eruptions.

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