This morning I saw a black smooth lizard with a very long tail and a forked tongue. Can you tell me what kind of lizard it is.



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    What region of the world are you in? And how large was the lizard? A black, smooth, long-tailed, forked-tongued lizard could be one of any variety of species!

    Monitors are the lizards best-known for their forked tongue, which generally seems to be more common among snakes than lizards. But if you know monitors–one of which is the komodo dragon–you know that these are very large reptiles!

    Some sources say that monitors are the only kind of lizard with a forked tongue. But others offer examples of several common lizards that share this trait, including Tegus and Greaved Lizards (e.g. Ameiva, Golden Tegu, Jungle Runner) and Typical/Wall/True Lizards (e.g. Spiny Footed Lizard, European Green).

    If you’d like, share more information with us about where you saw the lizard and how large it was, and we’ll try to narrow it down!

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      Hi, thank you for your response. I live on St. Maarten, an island in the caribbean close to Puerto Rico. The body fo this lizard was about 4 inches long and the tail about 9 inches.

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