Is more pollution caused by mining for coal or burning coal for energy?



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    Burning coal for energy causes far more pollution than coal mining. Only 6% of the world’s methane pollution comes from coal mining. This number is also expected to be reduced by 90% as new cleaner mining equipment is used.

    On the other hand burning coal is the leading cause of acid rain, global warming, smog, and air toxins. The carbon emissions from burning coals amounts to 3,700,000 tons of carbon, an equivalent of 161 million trees.

    Burning coal is a far more deadly necessity, however you can say it all begins from the mines. To check out more astonishing statistics of pollutants and coal power, click on the link below.

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    It is also important to note that burning the coal contributes to air pollution and climate change World wide. Mining the coal may deeply impact the immediate surrounding area, but the externalities from burning the coal are shared globally. 

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