Is more pizza ordered on superbowl sunday than any other day of the year?



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    Although I have not come across a hard statistic backing this up, it appears to be so. An article from (dated 2004) states that “More pizza will be sold Feb. 1, Super Bowl Sunday, than any other day of 2004.” Not only is pizza being pushed in advertising much harder as the Superbowl nears, it is also a cheap sociable food that is easy to eat while watching the game.

    According to another article, the top 5 pizza sales days are:

    1. Super Bowl Sunday
    2. New Year’s Eve
    3. Halloween
    4. The night before Thanksgiving
    5. New Year’s Day
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    From my experience, I am going to have to say I agree. When I worked for a short time at my local pizza parlor, Super Bowl sunday was the day for ordering pizza. In addition to this there are some interesting statistics found at this website. Here it is stated that (for the year 2009) Pizza Hut had an expected 55% percent jump in sales from any other typical Sunday and Domino’s was aiming to deliver close to 1.1 million pizzas.

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