Is more new green energy being built than new fossil fuel energy?



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    As our energy demands are increasing due to population growth and everyday choices in terms of consumption (and at the same time our fossil fuel supplies are rapidly diminishing,) you’d think that we’d be rushing into the renewable energy market. However, relatively speaking we aren’t, yet. Fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) as well as a small amount of nuclear power, still comprise about 93% or the world’s energy usage. While that other 6% of renewable energy will undoubtedly need to increase if we run out of fossil fuels (the estimates are between 50-150 years,) the reason why it hasn’t done so yet is simple- money. With the government itself investing $557 billion in subsidies last year to the oil industry, and only about $45 billion on renewable energy, it shows how profitable fossil fuels are. That doesn’t mean that renewable energy and green jobs can’t replace the current industries in terms of growth, job creation, and profitability. I just think there are going to be some growing pains, as we as a species figure out how to make the switch. Hopefully we choose to so sooner than later, however, since the longer we wait the more dire the situation will get.

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