Is land more expensive if it is zoned for agriculture?



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    Unfortunately picket, no, often the reverse is true. Agriculture is notoriously thought of as an “interim” use, until a more economically rewarding project is found for the space.  While agriculture provides numerous social and environmental benefits, land can make much more money in taxes and profits for developers if there is some sort of exchange of goods happening regularly on the land (e.g. a store or other business).  Many counties have battled urban sprawl for decades to try and maintain a land base for food production; after land has been converted to urban uses it is much more difficult to convert back to agriculture due to contaminants in the soil, reduced fertility, altered soil structure, etc.  Without an agricultural base, food security becomes a very severe issue, with limited access (especially for low income families with fewer opportunities to travel) to fresh produce.

    The USDA maintains a website on farmland preservation, and I urge you to learn more about the issue.

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