Is the Moose native to the United States?



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    Yes, Moose are native to the United States though their habitat is shrinking. Moose are most commonly found in a northern strip of the lower 48 states, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota. Alaska has a significant moose population as well. Another excellent place to see moose in America is Isle Royale an island in the middle of Lake Superior.

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    Yes they are. Even though they can be found in most northern US states, they can be found abundantly in Alaska. Check out the link for more information. 

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    Moose are found in the northern United States in states like Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine. Their population is rather high on Isle Royale in Minnesota. They are also found in Alaska and Canada.

    Moose live in forest areas and do not respond well to humans as they are shy and reserved animals. The cutting of forests has severe declined the amount of habitat available for moose. Also, run off from pesticides and industry to streams and lakes has polluted their drinking water.

    Little is understood about the actual population size of moose in the United States. These animals should be studied immediately to help preserve their populations and their habitat.

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