Is monsoon season when tornadoes happen?



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    It’s important to differentiate between what causes monsoons and tornadoes.

    Monsoon refers to a rainy season that is triggered by a change in global wind patterns, and these patterns are affected by changes in air pressure. When air pressure over the ocean becomes higher than that over a landmass, the wind will shift from the normal land-to-sea pattern to a sea-to-land pattern. This is what brings in moisture from the ocean and causes excessive rainfall over some regions. However, this is not necessarily the only way in which monsoons are created, as new research suggests.

    Tornadoes can form when warm, wet winds meet cold, dry winds. These two kinds of wind meet along a dryline, where the warmer air gets trapped under the cooler air. The warm air tries to rise but is blocked by the cool air mass, so it begins to rotate. The rotating winds facilitate the formation of storm clouds, which can lead to the formation of tornadoes.

    Based on the information I found, the two phenomena are mutually exclusive. It seems that monsoons might bring about some of the conditions that lead to thunderstorms, which then lead to tornadoes, but tornadoes can also form as a result of other sets of conditions and at any time of the year.

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