The mom duck left. Can I save the eggs?



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    Ducks don’t usually completely abandon their nests, but often will go a short distance away and will watch over their nests from a hiding place. The best bet is to leave the eggs alone until the mother comes back.

    If you’re sure the mother is gone for good, try to do a search locally to find an expert, such as a rehabber or animal control in your area to get help with the eggs. Eggs take about 28 days to hatch, so you may have time to wait for mom to come back.

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    Here is another thing to consider: ducks lay an average of 9 eggs and they don’t initiate incubation until they lay the last egg. This means that what may appear to be a full nest of abandoned eggs may in fact be a half full nest that won’t be occupied by the mother for a few more days. Unless the eggs have been subject to a few hard frosts, they will be viable until the beginning of the incubation process.

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