Is mold dangerous for your animals as well?



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    Yes, in 2007, two cats were believed to have died from exposure to black mold.  Though it is almost impossible to prove that exposure to mold can cause respiratory difficulties in pets, people who live in humid environments or places that have been subjected to flood damage should be aware of the potential for danger.

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    Yes, mold can be very dangerous for your pets. The example that krich11 describes is the first documented case of “toxic black mold poisoning” in pets, but it’s raised a lot of concerns for pet owners. Symptoms of exposure to this type of mold can cause problems in the respiratory system, as well as pulmonary hemorrhaging, the complications of with led to the deaths of the two cats.  

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    Absolutely.  edmccoy11 is right on target about the black mold.  It is not just deadly to animals, but humans as well.  Please see the links below for additional information.

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    You don’t feed anything to your pets that you wouldn’t eat yourself. Pets can get food poisoning just the same as humans.

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