Is mixed use development one way to make cities more efficient and eco friendly?



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    Yes, mixed use development can make cities more efficient and therefore eco friendly. By having residential and commercial properties mixed together, it becomes easier to walk to the places you need to get to. It also makes it possible for more people to work near their homes saving commute time and vehicle miles driven. Building residential space above offices can save energy. Large office buildings use a lot of energy to heat up for the 8 hour work day. When everyone goes home, the building shuts down and the residual energy is wasted. By having apartments on top floors, the rising heat can be used. These are just a few examples of how mixed use development can make our cities more sustainable.

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    Mixed use development is great because it can involve multiple community gardens in the city limits allowing for a more localized food source. Transporting food thousands of miles is not sustainable, but in mixed use developments, gardens can even be put on roof tops.

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