Is the minting of coins bad for the environment?



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    Well, yes, as there are large amount of energy that go into melting down metal, or even into making and printing paper money. However, we need money, and I admit that I would be opposed to a paperless system of money, as I prefer to keep some tangible money in addition to the intangible money in my bank account. Australia, however, has a great idea; they use renewable and sustainable energy to mint their coins, to at least take off the edge. The US claims that it will soon stop the production of pennies in April of 2011, as they nearly cost more to make that the amount of money that is made.

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    Coins are made from a variety of minerals, including copper and nickel. These minerals must be extracted from the earth, then melted and molded, and then cooled to form our coins and those of other countries. This is a process that can be very destructive. Large machines and striping of the environment are involved in the mining step. This is very destructive to the local environment and affects people near and far.

    The molding and cooling process require energy to run the machines, thus using electricity. Most of the factories are not powered by solar or wind, but rather by non-environmentally friendly methods like burning coal.

    Efforts should be made to make more environmentally friendly development of money.

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