Is mining natural gas more dangerous than regular oil?



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    They’re generally about equally dangerous. It depends more on the method of mining rather than the product being mined. Gas and oil mines both are usually surface mining processes, which is much less dangerous than mining underground. Being above ground eliminates the dangers of cave ins, working in confined spaces (you could get stuck or chemicals that are in the air would be unable to be dispersed). Oil is a little bit different; because oil has many offshore mines, the weather can be a little bit rougher than inland (due to hurricanes, large waves, etc.). However, mining has recently gotten much safer in the last couple of years due to regulations. With oncoming storms, those offshore oil rigs will be evacuated. Also, for both oil and gas, the process is largely automated now, so there are less people on the job that can be injured.

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    Strictly speaking, oil and natural gas are not mined in the usual sense of the word “mine”. Rather, they are produced by drilling. Also, there is probably a comparable amount of offshore natural gas production as there is oil.

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