Is mineral water good for you?



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    Water in general is always a recommended drink option.  Water, even tap water, provides many minerals.  However, mineral water has been found to have many exceptional health benefits including 4x more calcium and magnesium than regular tap water.  Mineral water is linked to proper electrolyte balance, can help with kidney stones, can help prevent tooth cavities, can improve pain, and help lower LDL cholesterol levels. 

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    Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, mineral water must have at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solids such as calcium and magnesium.  Having these supplements can aid the recommended value needed of these minerals.  Mineral water can also help if you are trying to lose weight.  Because it contains zero calories, it can be a better alternative to sport drinks or supplement shakes after a strenuous workout.  However, keep in mind that not all minerals in mineral water are beneficial.  Some may include aluminum, arsenic, sodium, copper, and a list of others that are bad to ingest at a high volume.  Drinking mineral water should also not be the only way to get essential minerals.  Because it is not sure how much minerals are absorbed by the body through the water, the benefits of mineral water can vary. 

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