Is Mike Tyson really a vegan?



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    Apparently. He announced this to USAToday and seems to have been inspired by his participation in a reality TV show on Animal Planet where he raises pigeons. Many are questioning this due to his personality and lifestyle.

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    This past May Tyson announced that he was becoming a vegan, promising to stop consuming animal products. His announcement happened to coincide with the announcement of his new reality show for Animal Planet, called “Taking on Tyson”. In the show, Tyson will be training and racing pigeons against other expert pigeon racers. The show has received some criticism, most notably from PETA, who asked for the show to be stopped because of the harm to the animals and the publicity it draws towards an unethical sport. Speculation has aroused as to whether or not Tyson is simply claiming to be vegan in an effort to appease PETA and attract positive attention. Whatever his intentions, he does seem in fact to be vegan (or at least at the time of the article!)

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    I don’t know if I could see that one happening. Then again I don’t know him so it’s unfair to judge him. Maybe he does stay true to the lifestyle, maybe he does not.

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    He really is.  Although one might never have thought they’d hear those words in the same sentence, Mike Tyson is a vegan and apparently has been for two years.  He says it has changed his life and he wishes ‘he was born this way’.  Apparently he’s lost 130 pounds and says he is happier and saner than he ever has been.  Check out this link: to see an interview with Mike on his transformation.  Kudos to him!

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