Is Michelle Obama teaching us good farming practices with the white house garden?



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    Yes. First, she is reminding us that growing some food at home is a good idea. Growing food at home is better for the environment because of not buying food that had to travel from a great distance. Growing food at home also saves money. By growing the garden organically, she is showing that it is possible to grow food without chemicals. There are studies that have been done that show that organically grown fruits and vegetables do actually have more nutritional value than those grown with chemicals. Also, when the food is grown without pesticides, there is no need to worry about pesticide residue on the food or pesticide run-off.

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    I think that Michelle Obama is doing a very comendable thing by growing an organic white house garden. I also think, that it has made some impact in educating young people about proper eating habits. The issue that I have, is that the Obama administration has not introduced legislation that will correct the flaws in the industrial agriculture system. Certain types of food, like soybeans and corn, are still heavily subsidized by the government. These are the foods that are fueling the obesity epidemic in children. The white house garden would look a lot different if they grew crops in the way that U.S. agriculture was subsidized. Like I said, I think Michelle Obama is sending a great message. However, that message will fall on deaf ears in agricultural industries until legislation is introduced that puts and end to subsidies.

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