Is Mexico overpopulated?



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    It is hard to say that Mexico as a whole is overpopulated, as it is a vast country that includes many different peoples, ways of life, and types of population centers. However, if there is any place that is overpopulated in Mexico, it’s Mexico City. It has an estimated 22 million people, and has been overpopulated for over 20 years, if not 30, as evidenced by the existence of vast shantytowns and devastating supply shortages experienced by the city’s huge amounts of poorer residents.

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    Like most countries, there is over population in the big cities, because people gather there for a place to live, for a place to work, etc. In the countryside there is more space, but there are less inhabitable areas, and less work. So, if we look at a simple “how many people there are” versus “how many square miles of land,” then it wouldn’t seem over populated. The attached map is a bit outdated, but it shows how the population is concentrated around cities, while there are fewer people in the wilds.

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    Mexico is the 11th most-populatd country in the world.  77% of those people live in citites, though.  Those facts alone suggest an imbalance in the way Mexicans live, and also that there are places in the country that are overpopulated.

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    Mexico city is overpopulated.

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