in mexico he goverment wants forbid give bags of plastic in shops, but i used this bags fo trash, if not give bags will have to buy.why this is better?



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    Portland recently banned plastic bags in stores and there were similar complaints to yours. People use plastic bags to pick up animal waste, as trash bags, and other uses. The advantages of paper bags over plastic bags is that paper bags degrade faster, recycle more easily, aren’t made from petroleum, and are less harmful to marine life. Buying trash bags is a small cost you’ll have to incur but the people who passed these laws believe that the environment will benefit in the long run.

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    The elimination of plastic bags is a really important step towards sustainability. It is really great that you are reusing the bags that you get. This is definitely a better step than just simply throwing the bags away once you get them home from the store but unfortunately not enough people are doing what you are doing.

    A lot of people discard the bags without reusing them and this is where we get into trouble. These plastic bags build up and create greater problems for waste managment. The elimination of these plastic bags are many people’s response to helping reduce this type of waste.

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