Is Mercury or Venus more hot?



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    Mercury is about −183 °C to 427 °C; Venus is -220 °C to 420 °C. So Mercury is probably hotter on average.

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    Venus is actually the hotter planet.  Mercury has very little atmosphere due to its proximity to the sun and small size and thus has the greatest range of surface temperatures of any other planet (up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of 333).  However, Venus has an average temperature of 867 degrees Fahrenheit.  

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    You’d think that Mercury would be hotter due to its proximity to the Sun, but Venus has a higher average temperature, regularly reaching temperatures over 460 degrees C.  Venus has a very thick atmosphere made of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which traps the Sun’s heat near the surface of the planet and turns Venus into a giant greenhouse.  

    Mercury, on the other hand, has very little atmosphere and cannot retain heat in the same way that Venus can.  Mercury has a very wide temperature range, between -184 and 465 degrees C, but its average temperature is much lower than the average temperature of Venus.

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