Is medical waste a problem for the environment?



  1. mle
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    Yes.  It isn’t necessarily the fact that it is medical waste, but the amount of waste created by the health industry is a problem.  What to do with the waste, ways to reuse and reduce while maintaining standards for sterility is a big question in the medical field.  

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    It is a huge problem. It is a hushed-up little secret, but medical waste is sometimes disposed of by dumping it into oceans and waterways. The discharge of toxins and other resulting hazards to aquatic ecosystems is far-reaching. Humans, too can be affected; coming into contact with contaminants or ingesting tainted seafood can cause serious health threats including infectious diseases.

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    Mercury pollution was also a problem that was linked to medical waste. Medical incinerators released mercury and dioxins into the atmosphere, which could eventually make their way into waterways. Incinerators today are equipped with emission-cleaning equipment that prevent dioxins from being released into the atmosphere.

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