Is the media doing enough to spread the message on global warming?



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    By almost any reasonable standard, the media has done a very poor job granting global warming the attention and importance it deserves.  A 2004 study by Boykoff and Boykoff (cited below) showed demonstrated that major media outlets consistently failed to convey the near certainty among scientists that global warming is real.  This is because media sources, with the well-meant intention of presenting a balanced view, have tended to grant the arguments of non-scientist, industry-affiliated global warming deniers the same weight given to studies by leading climate scientists.  According to Boykoff and Boykoff, attempted balance in this case actually leads to bias, confusing the public about the conclusive evidence for global warming.  Since the Boykoff and Boykoff study, some media outlets have attempted to correct this error, and a certain amount of progress has been made.  But the media still does not do an adequate job conveying the need for urgent action on the very real threat of global warming.

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