measure to be taken to stop dwindling of cheetah



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    The Cheetah Conservation Fund has been taking steps to address the primary reasons why the cheetah population has been in decline. Members of the CCF have been educating livestock farmers around Namibia about how to protect their livestock without having to shoot any cheetahs. Stricter enforcement of endangered species laws and anti-poaching laws have also been ongoing since the 1990’s. Although more efforts are needed, the numbers of cheetahs has increased since conservation practices started.

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    Protecting the cheetah population has proven to be tricky. One step that has been taken is by CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund) educating farmers in Namibia on how to protect their live stock from cheetahs without killing them. Poaching laws have also been enforced more strongly and that has helped bring the cheetah population back up. Some measures have been taken to try and keep cheetahs in protected areas, but cheetahs tend to not thrive in protected areas due to competition with the larger predators. 

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    In addition to conservation groups raising awareness, the fact the cheetah’s have been given legal status under the Endangered Species Act is a measure people have taken to stop their numbers from dwindling. There are several outreach projects and conservation efforts in place to educate and prevent the loss of more cheetahs by organizations such as the Cango Wildlife Ranch, Cheetah Outreach, De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, who also relocate and research cheetahs occurring outside conservation areas. Similar research, relocation, education, and conflict resolution groups are active in the conservation of cheetah populations and a list of them can be found here:

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