Is McDonald’s planning to make their food more eco-friendly?



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    As a company as a whole McDonalds is beginning to attempt to go green, in its attempt is not a close focus on food in specific, but how it gets to locations and the greenness of those McDonalds locations. When it comes down to what McDonalds serves, they have added Rainforest Alliance Coffees to their menus. McDonalds announced in July 2007 that in the UK they would be converting a fleet of 155 trucks to run on biofuel made from recycled vegetable fat from 900 restaurants, saving an acclaimed 1,650 tons of carbon per year. In Nov. McDonalds announced that in Germany about 100 locations would loss the traditional red backdrop and switch to a deep hunter green to promote a more eco-friendly image. Locations in Great Britain and France have already started using the new eco-friendly color scheme.

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