Is Mcdonalds one of the largest businesses in the world?



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    The Forbes 2000 is a comprehensive ranking of the world’s biggest companies. The ranking is based on composite of sales, profits, assets and market value. On that list, Mcdonald’s is ranked 174th. Citigroup banking places 1st.

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    According to Fortune 500’s 2009 Top 1000 companies list, McDonalds ranks at number 107 with a market value of over 60 billion dollars and an annual revenue of over 23 billion. McDonalds falls one spot from 106 last year but is ranked number 1 in the food services industry. Number 2 is Yum Brands with an overall rating of 239, while number 3 is Starbucks with an overall rating of 261.

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    According to the 2009 FORTUNE Global 500, McDonalds rank #388 on the list of the world’s biggest companies. That’s down from 318 in 2006.
    It ranks 111th on the list of U.S. companies.

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