maximum how many watts produces a television speakers



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    The question is “How many watts do television speakers use?” Speakers consume energy … the idea that they “produce” energy is sort of an audio showroom misconception. That is, salespeople are trying to brag about how loud the speakers can get.

    The problem with researching this, in terms of environmental impact, is that TVs are rated for overall watt use — and almost all that power is consumed by the display, not by the speakers. So people really don’t care too much, sry. Lol.

    But obviously the watts used by the speakers are much less than the total watts used by the TV.

    Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to say: “Well, speakers are about 1/10th of the overall TV use”, because … think about it … the viewer could be wearing headphones. Or have the sound turned down very low. In those situations, the audio might be 1/100th of the TV use!

    Finally, consider that, unlike a microwave oven, the max watt ratings for a TV are never used! To do that, you would need to look at a white screen, playing the speakers at maximum volume!  And nobody ever does that, except by mistake.

    So what’s the environmental impact of TV speakers? Not something you want to lay awake at night worrying about. The huge, bright LCD display? Sure. The speakers? Not.

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