Many say that animals can’t cry? Do you believe this?

Alright so while online I read about how animals can’t cry… This started a huge fight with many people…. tell me your opinion…



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    Animals do not cry in the same way that humans do.  They can produce tears – tears keep our eyes moist and healthy and they do so for animals as well, but they do not produce tears and grieve the way humans do.  However, this does not mean animals cannot grieve or experience pain or emotional distress.  Rather than “crying” they will emit cries, whimper, yelp or otherwise indicated by sound or behavior that they are unhappy or in pain.

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    I agree that animals do not cry the emotional tears that humans cry. Mammals can produce tears, but they serve to keep an osmotic balance, prevent infection, and generally keep the eye clean. However, I find enormous amounts of evidence that many species experience grief. Cases of elephants exhibiting behavior recognizable as grief at the death of another elephant or offspring; cases of dogs waiting for their owners long after the owner’s death; magpies laying grass alongside a deceased individual. Proving these behaviors may be difficult, but it seems quite obvious and recognizable that many species can experience “higher” emotions.

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    I absolutely believe that animals can suffer, grieve, and cry out like humans. Like you found out, there is a lot of debate whether or not animals physically shed tears from their eyes when upset. In my opinion, it is an interesting question, but the fact that animals can grieve and mourn is more important than whether or not it causes fluid to come out of their tear ducts.

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    Of course they cry- but in a different way than we do!

    Sometimes you can see a little bit of tears coming out of their eyes.

    But it doesnt mean that they dont have feelings!

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    I don’t think there’s another animal on Earth that sheds tears when it’s sad like humans do. Most animals just use tears so that their eyes don’t dry out. However, I’m not sure why this started a fight because it doesn’t mean animals don’t have feelings! Animals use different signals to express their feelings. Check out this video of elephants mourning the death of someone they once knew:

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