Is the manufacturing of these new smokeless cigarettes better for the environment than regular cigarettes?



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    The smokeless cigarettes seem like a catch-22 for the environment since they produce no smoke but do produce troublesome waste in the form of batteries.

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    Well, it’s a little up in the air at this point. There have been no large scale studies to compare the environmental impact of e-cigarettes, although e-cigarette manufacturers like to tout them as eco-friendly. While it is true that using e-cigarettes will cut down on the environmental costs of producing and shipping cigarettes and everything that goes into them, they are not perfect! They are made of petroleum-based plastic, which is extremely harmful itself (supporting the oil industry, using huge amounts of fuel to ship, not being biodegradable). They also contain electronic components, which are often sourced from massively harmful mines throughout Africa. And, last but not least, they need electricity to run! You have to plug them in and charge them, so they eat up energy.

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