This man’s face will certainly embarrassing

The expression more ugly is that middle-aged man next to her.

Although he also just play with the attitude hold, hooked up and the models look. Only recently heard of this woman but another man just engaged in, after all, not a comfortable thing.

Like a man knowing that a person engaged in a tramp. wholesale nfl jerseys,But he may bite the bullet and go out bragging to their friends that this woman is the best, very tight below the class.

If someone expose his face, said not long ago just to see the woman and another man entered the hotel. This man’s face will certainly embarrassing.

Looked at the expression of the two men being beaten, Carlo Paulina heart an out foul smells pleasure, when she was ready to take the opportunity to leave, Selena yet counterattack.

“Such a hurry to go doing? Is not anxious to find a male partner to solve the holidays? Otherwise, I asked my boyfriend to introduce you to a TV star, he is a television director, knows a lot of male stars “Selena on the surface seems to be considered for Carlo Lena. Is actually to show off his find a man.

Selena beside the man, to hear Selena to praise own after, is also exposed to a sort of color yield.

As a television director has some real power, he still is a little influence.

Carlo Lena is naturally hear the mean Selena words, she extrusion smile, said: “No, thank you I’m here is not to find the man”

Carlo Lena’s temper is so straight, her seemingly nothing ATK. They tend to be able to let the other block nothing to say.

This is also the case of her all these years in this circle, coach outlet online,often cynical exercise out.

“Well, really ungrateful. Put their own very aloof like you say you come here, not to consort a lover?” Selena continuous Carlo Lena counterattack, she is torn nerve.

“You are such a person, does not mean I have to like people” is still an understatement sentence. Again hit the crucial point of Selena.


“KK, you really naughty, how a man ran side, do not let me know I was worried sick.”

While Selena is ready to continue to fight back when a useful magnetic male voice over.

Chinese trio tracks the sound looked, nfl jerseys cheap,to those who spotted a tall and straight, looks very handsome. A …… recently in Italy and throughout Europe are highly popular Chinese

Yes, Chen Xi just in Vieri chat, suddenly catch a glimpse of the figure of Carlo Lena, he was ready to come over to say hello.

However, just approached, he heard a dialogue between Carlo Lena and Selena.

Although just listened to the part, but he probably also know that the woman is definitely not Carlo Lena’s friends. So, at this point in time, he chose to go over. Then a very intimate tone Carlo Lena said.

Then, Chen Xi also walked over to his left hand resting on Carlo Lena’s waist, and then asked with a smile: KK, this is your friend? Not you introduce us? ”

Chen Xi’s hand to Carlo Lena waist, Selena and her man was surprised.

Carlo Lena’s body is subconsciously shocked, then looked a little surprised the Chen Xi a.

Chen Xi is quietly toward her blinked, then left hand tapped twice after Carlo Lena’s waist.

Carlo Lena also after a short absence, understand the meaning of Chen Xi. So she squeezed out a smile, said: “This is Selena, my work partner is not really a friend.”

Then, she turned to Selena and man astonished, Nike elite nfl jerseys,said: “This is Edison – Chen, I think you should have been aware of it.”

“Hello, my boyfriend of KK. Glad to see you” Chen Xi added to the side. Then with a smile, stretched out his right hand.

Chen Xi say these words, he obviously felt the Carlo Lena’s body is a burst of thrill.

However, she Actually, I’m to debunk Chen Xi. Just extrusion smile.

Selena apparently also in the shock of Carlo Lena “boyfriend”.

Touches the man next to him, some feel flattered Chen Xi active and shook his hand. Then Ha waist grip on the hand of Chen Xi, then enthusiastically said: “Mr. Edison, I really did not expect to run into you here. Television you always wanted an interview, but has not had a chance to contact you This is really God’s help ”



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