Is Mango Pure Cleanse Review effective or not??

send me effective tips… thanks.



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    It’s got its own website with huge ads with a sexy girl in a bikini — and obvious lies such as “Hurry! LIMITED TO 1 PER HOUSEHOLD” — you pretty much have to assume this is yet another company trying to sell something you don’t need.

    In fact, it could be hazardous to your health. Most health professionals such as doctors will tell you to loose weight gradually — and to do it by exercising and eating fewer “bad calories”. I.e., stop going to McDonalds, stop pigging out on Ben & Jerrys.

    Losing weight fast, such as with drugs that “purge” your system can be deadly. Effectively you are stopping your body from absorbing nutrition. And if you have some medical condition already — say you are overweight — this can actually be a death sentence! I have a relative who is a doctor, who loves salami, and is overweight. And I could stand to lose a few pounds too. She warned me just recently: Don’t try to “crash diet”!

    And that means: Don’t buy “snake oil” that claims miracles that … just by chance … millions of trained doctors (and the US government) … just happened to “overlook”.

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