Man its amazing to me how big of a problem these fish are. Do you think that we will learn from our mistakes and be more careful in the future introducing non native fish species?



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    I’m guessing you mean the lionfish. In my opinion, the main problem is that a lot of people just don’t get the message to be careful with any domestic animals and not just release them into the wild. People who would never think of turning their pet cat loose, still don’t see that tossing a pet fish in the local lake presents the same problem. I think that better education about the ecosystems that we take animals from would help. At the very least, it might get people to pause and think, “Wait, this snakehead fish is native to Asia. I probably shouldn’t release it into the Chesapeake Bay.” And I think one of the most important messages for pet stores, shelters, aquariums, etc to get across to customers is: if you want to buy this animal, you are agreeing to keep it in or near your house for as long as it lives. You cannot just let it go.

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    Part of the problem is that some people don’t even realize they are transporting invasive species. Sometimes they get transferred in the ballast of ships, or in crates that are shipped around the world. Sometimes invasive species are introduced through forces of nature as well, floods, tornadoes, etc. Add human action to those causes and it seems nearly irreversible.

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