Man I am sick of ignorant people talking about climate change, it doesn’t matter to me what side you are on but argue intelligently, why do people do that?



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    It is annoying to me because people don’t trust the scientists. They treat science as if it were the same thing as a religion, that it is a set of beliefs that people subscribe to. This isn’t the case at all. Scientists don’t get the same respect as other professionals like doctors. If your doctor said you had cancer, and showed you the tests, you would believe your doctor. But here we are, trying to tell ourselves that we are giving the planet cancer, and no one even trusts the 300th “opinion” let alone the second opinion.

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    To add to the already well developed answers, the majority of people are what I would refer to as “parrots”. Not to insult anyone, but most people just believe what they hear, and want to repeat it. I am sure all people do this in a debate or discussion (I do it too), but the best advice I was ever told was to be skeptical about everything. Research an issue yourself, study both sides before you make statements or begin a discussion.

    Also, since climate change is topic that is heard on a regular basis, it has become a major topic of discussion period. The local economy situation is probably the main topic of most peoples conversations, but climate change is still a relevant topic.

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