Man every time I see something about climate and Thailand they are saying how difficult the negotiations are going there why is that?



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    There are two key players in the negotiations- the government which is supposed to be in support of the people and the long-term health of the country in all respects- and companies from Tailand and around the world that want access to the resources and labor of Thailand.


    The government has to strike an economic bargain. Like most countries Thailand wants a higher standard of living like the west; it wants to be wealthy, healthy and flourishing. These goals have to be balanced against the health and long term viability of the people and the environment that supports them.

    The people demand things of the government, and resent it when they dont get their way. The corporations demand things of the government, and threaten to pull investments in the country. Negotiations are slow because the government can’t have its cake and eat it too, at least not at the same time.


    Thailand needs to appease the corporate influence in order to remain floating in the global economy, . The longer it is merely appeasing, and not pushing its own policy in a united front, the more leverage they cede to multinationals. and in order to stay afloat, requires an unsustainable level of environmentla degredation.In order to be sustainable industry in thailand needs to be dramtically scaled back. These things cannot really exist simultaneously.

    And pressure being applied from the people, and the wieght of the global marketplace, thailand -like so many other countries- is in gridock.

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