Is making a wind turbine hard?

Is making a wind turbine hard? If not what materials are needed to make one?



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    It seems to be more dangerous than it is difficult to build. You want to make sure that when you build your wind generator the blades do not go spinning out of control. This website I have provided explains the fundamental steps of how to build a wind turbine, and provides a guide as well. The Main materials you will need are the ones listed below:

    1 electrical generator or magnet DC motor (home-built or bought)

    3-5 rotor blades (home-built or even bought)

    Pivoting bracket (that keeps the unit turned into the actual wind)

    1 installation tower system (home-built or even bought)


    Wooden leftovers

    Control system

    For more information refer to the website.

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    I answered a question like this that referred to a process of how to make a small wind turbine out of a car alternator and how to estimate the amount of energy output may be available.

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    Build a wind turbine is not tough. Check it out at

    on how to build Wind Turbine with Step-by-Step detail instruction with videos.




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