Is making something from wood better than making it from plastic?



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    It depends on the kind of wood. If you’re making it from ancient redwood, no, use plastic. If you’re making it from a pine tree, go for it. One of the benefits of using wood as opposed to plastic is that it will biodegrade at some point in time. Most plastics will not.
    If you’re getting a hearing aid, plastic is the way to go. If you’re getting a table, wood’s generally better.
    Wood is still treated with chemicals, though. If you’re asking better environmentally, it depends on what kind of plastic or what kind of wood, and new vs used.

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    Even though wood is a natural resource, a material like pine is very common and renewable. While wasting trees is obviously not good, most materials are less harmful to produce and recycle than plastic. Plastic is obviously great for a number of reasons but in terms of production and breakdown it is frequently a very environmentally unfriendly material. 

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