is making skateboards affecting the environment?



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    The Science channel stated in 2008 that skateboard manufacturing had replaced furniture making as the number one cause of maple forest deforestation.  However there are several skateboard manufacturers that are committed to being eco-friendly (Green Banana Skateboard company, Comet Skateboards) by using solar powered factories or recycled products plus in general there is a case for skateboards being environmentally friendly.  If people use skateboards to travel instead of cars, obviously that’s good.  Also if people use the same skateboard for a long time and fix it when it’s broken rather than buying a new skateboard, that’s reducing waste. Finally many skateboards are made in the US so if you’re in the US buying a skateboard made here as oppose to in China, you’re cutting out fossil fuels that would be used for transportation.   The non-ecofriendly side of a skateboard might be chemicals used in some of the adhesives and any plastic parts, but again it depends on the system the manufacturers are using.  

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