Is the maintenance on an electric car more expensive than a gas car?



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    addressed by many previous answers

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    The procurement of an electric car is more exoensive than a gas car but maintenance of the electric car is not as much as that of gas car.

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    To elaborate on the other two answers, maintaining an electric car is very easy. There are no oil changes or fancy coolant systems to deal with. All you really need to cool an electric motor is a fan to blow cold air over it. Electric motors also last longer than internal combustion engines. The biggest cost to maintaining an electric car is to change the batteries every five years or so, depending on if you are using lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries, which will last longer but will also be more expensive. Therefore, the cost of maintaining an electric car comes all at one rather than in little increments over several years.

    As for procuring the car in the first place… you can do it very cheaply if you like to tinker with things. Many novice mechanics have made electric cars in their own back yards!

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