Is religion the main reason why birth control is not more widely used in South America?



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    Religion is one reason that peole don’t use birth control, especially in Catholic countries like many of those in South America. However, there are many other factors. Perhaps children are seen as status symbol. Perhaps they provide a sense of security, especially for those who are impoverished. Perhaps women are not given a choice in the matter, or it is not made widely available to them. Perhaps there are fewer methods of birth control used there because folk methods of birth control have been lost or banned, and modern methods have not yet caught on in popularity. However, it doensn’t seem that a lack of birth control is more prevalent in South America than on many other continents.

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    Religion is a contributing factor to the low rate of contraceptive use in South America, but many other factors such as poor education systems and widespread poverty also make it difficult for women in impoverished reasons to know about of have access to contraceptive methods. It’s not just religious groups who oppose greater contraceptive movements in South America, but also political and military groups who are threatened by what they perceive as a change in the political hierarchy or status quo that so neatly keeps them in power and keeps everyone else poor and uneducated.

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