Is the Magnuson-Stevens Act really helping to stop over-fishing?



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    The Magnuson-Stevens Act is clearly not enough regulation of fisheries in the United States, given the current state of nearly every fishery. Aside from a couple of Alaskan fisheries, which use a tradable quota system, nearly every commercial fishery in the United States (and world) is severely over fished. There is a fundamental flaw in commercial fishing which reflects the prisoner’s dilemma. It is human nature to take as much of this natural resource as possible. To a fisherman, if he/she doesn’t catch this fish, someone else will. The act has been amended a few times to take into consideration fisheries that are in the most dangerous decline, like tuna, but it simply hasn’t been enough. The act was meant, in many ways, to regulate foreign vessels near American shores. In this regard the act Magnuson-Stevens Act has been a success.

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