Like a magnet change structure of electron in iron in the same way if the structure of atoms of water can be changed by some means like Bio-Disc??

I am reading a lot about Bio-Disc on net and magzine. I don’t really believe the claim about the Bio-Disc, but I want to start discussion.



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    A magnetic field can temporarily alter the structure of iron by making its electrons realign themselves with the flow of the magnetic field. Consequently, if the magnet was strong enough, this exposure magnetizes the iron for a short period afterward.

    Water is a special case and is considered a diamagnetic substance. Under normal circumstances, it is a non-magnetic material but when in the presence of a strong magnet, the magnet can “push” the water away. This site talks more about this phenomenon.

    There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that supports the claims made by Bio-Disc or other magnetic water treatments (MWT) that magnetized water benefits the body in any way.

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